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P-80, F-86 and MIG 15 STACKED

P-80, F-86 and MIG 15 STACKED, originally uploaded by d_butch. This image was taken at the “Korea Era” segment of the Chino Air Show. The aircraft just stacked up almost perfectly. My dad took the family to the St. Louis Lambert Field Airshow in the ’34 Plymouth 2-door sedan to see the latest technology. A […]

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The aircraft at the show “buddied up” in the air. Sometimes with the same type aircraft, other times mismatched. They made several passes over the crowd. The traffic was mostly clockwise with the aircraft approaching from the East and Northeast. At other times aircraft orbited counter-clockwise. Air control did a stellar job keeping the aircraft […]

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I knew it, I knew it. As soon as I started hopping around in the set of pictures from the air show, I would get distracted. It just seemed like an image of the MIG 15 parked HAD to be accompanied by one in the air. The F-86 and MIG 15 circled the airport several […]

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