The following pictures were taken at the Idyllwild car show Sept. 29, 2017 and during the drive down to my friend Walt’s place where we loaded my ’51 XK-120 on a trailer to take it the rest of the way down the mountain and home. It is not that I didn’t want to drive the car but it was the practical way that I could get the car to the show as well as my two big 65 pound standard poodles. I was driving alone and toting a full-frame Nikon camera with a 24-70mm lens. It made for a 5# handful of camera to contend with as well as shifting gears and keeping the car on the road while trying to keep up with my friend driving a Dodge truck like it was a Lotus. I just shot away while pretending to be Sterling Moss in the Italian Alps. Nothing has been edited so shots come close together on the road at times. But here is the photographic memory of that exhilarating drive listening to the beautiful sound of the XK-120 exhaust echoing off the mountains while manipulating the TREMEC 5-speed (mostly in 3rd and 4th) as best I could under the circumstances. It was a stretch of about 20 miles of mountain road. The color balance for the sky is very poor in some of the shots. That is because as (bad) luck would have it, the camera had been left set for three shot HDR exposure brackets so only every 3rd exposure was correct and the rest are up and down by an f-stop. Some of the exposures were rough-corrected but some of them had no saturation adjustment. I will do better next time.

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