RED SQUIRREL, originally uploaded by d_butch.

This is the local “cable guy”. Goes back and forth across the street high in the air on the cable run. He and “a friend” play and chase around in the trees behind the house and I get a chance at a shot now and then. He has put on just a whole lot of fur since the last time he stopped for a split second to let me get a shot. Is cold weather coming?? (Yes, it is a “he”. Pretty clear in some of the pictures.)Edit


HOLIDAY COLOR, originally uploaded by d_butch.

This plant is about eight feet tall. It started out as a table decoration at a Christmas party many years ago and has survived a micro burst that pretty well shredded it.


STEALTH CAMERA BAG, originally uploaded by d_butch.

I found leather gym bags on e-bay for $18 each. Big enough to hold two full-frame cameras and a lot of odds and ends including six sets of underwear to support a six week camping trip. They don’t LOOK like camera bags but serve fine to hold down dust and carry the equipment. I first toss the cameras and lenses into cloth bags that ladies purses come in to hold down “hanger rash”. Tossed into the old beat up pickup truck with intentional patina added with rattle can primer they fade into the scenery and do not attract attention. An old jock strap hanging out of the zippered top would make the cameras quite safe.


SELF PORTRAIT, originally uploaded by d_butch.

Long day; Out of tequila. Looking forward to a seven course dinner.


GOOSE WITH ATTITUDE, originally uploaded by d_butch.

This goose was a bit sensitive about sharing food at a park in Anaheim.